Wotofo – A Great Outdoor Appliance

Wotofo is a leading manufacturer of vaporizers that offers the best-selling pods, dabblers, stickups and grinders for all occasions. The Wotofo RDA is an extraordinary vaporizer that will please the discerning consumer looking for the ultimate e-juice experience. Wotofo has a long history in the electronic market for bringing products to the public that are high quality at a very reasonable price. If you’re ready to make a huge change in your life, then Wotofo RDA may be the perfect choice for you. Wotofo’s newest product, wotofo profile rda, is an excellent choice for a first time user and an excellent replacement to your standard e-juice equipment.

Wotofo Profile RDA is a dual mesh drip tank that features two interchangeable high-powered atomizers. Wotofo’s new mesh technology ensures a rich flavor with exceptional vapor production. Wotofo Profile RDA includes a convenient stainless steel cap with a durable adjustable air lock, a smooth metal body with a wide, easy to read window, and two interchangeable drip tips.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

The Wotofo RDA has a very advanced electronic system featuring dual mesh. Dual mesh means you get maximum flavor and vapors with less work. The mesh side airflow system allows for an efficient clean up. You won’t smell like flowers or grass either. The side airflow system can be adjusted to your personal preferences to provide a dry, sweet or fruity experience.

Wotofo recommends a wattage range of 4500 watts for a comfortable experience. They offer four different series builds for you convenience. The Dual Mesh Concentrate includes a powerful single-rack application that makes it suitable for all of your daily needs. The Concentrate wok has a larger pan that will accommodate three quarts of any type of concentrate. It also has a parallel design for easy leveling. The main benefit of the parallel design is it prevents hot spots from forming and provides a consistent flow rate.

The Wotofo PS dual mesh coils are made to match the highest quality cooking equipment. Wotofo uses a unique four-level temperature adjustment system. This feature adjusts the temperature of the work based on what you are cooking. The PS series build also allows for precise temperature control and precise amounts of flavor. The Wotofo PS series builds come with a parallel design. The built in stainless steel drip tray allows easy cleanup.

The Wotofo Profile PS dual mesh coil set is available at a higher wattage than the original built in set. Wotofo claims this new version will cook food faster and easier. With a wattage of sixty watts and a triple degree coverage, the Wotofo Profile PS dual mesh coils will meet the needs of any barbecue master.

Wotofo also offers a Wotofo Pro Series Build that is built on the same dual mesh coils used in their residential line. The Wotofo Pro Series Build is designed for anyone who wants to build a charcoal grill on their deck without a professional contractor. With a wattage of ninety watts and a depth of three inches, the Wotofo Pro Series Build will be perfect for those with bigger decks and less space. A convenient drip tray is included for easy cleaning and most models have a lifetime warranty. Some of these products can be used for outdoor grilling and some have optional accessory kits that are great for entertaining.

Wotofo has created a wonderful product that is popular with both professional barbecue chefs and everyday grilters. Wotofo offers two different collections that they describe as “Wine” and “Barbeque”. Each product has its own unique personality with a specific focus. The Wotofo Wine Collection includes Wotofo Pro Series Build, which are for those who want to create a traditional wine bar setting on their deck, and Wotofo BBQ Grill which are for all those looking for the perfect grill for outdoor parties.