The Best Vaporizer For The Vandy Vape Jackaroo

vandy vape jackaroo

The Vandy Vaporjack Alliance is a new vaporizer club. The alliance was created by Mark Bell, a long time professional vaper and entrepreneur who has been researching & developing new innovative products for years. The products are built to be safe and efficient. They also contain ingredients that will help you relax while you enjoy your new product. Here are some information and features of each of the Vandy Vaporjack Line.


Brand Overview: The 5 Durable Vape Kit & Products include all following mainstream top brands: GeekVape, ZQ and Vandy Vape. Also offer a special ten percent off discount code at the bottom of this article. Also, offer a free refillable bottle with the purchase of any vaporizer.


AEGIS Boost: This is a new product from VandyVape, known as the AEGIS Mod. It is a modification of the already popular Zephyrhills mod. It is a digital programmable device. Users can set their temperatures and it can run completely silently. A special sensor lets the unit know when the battery is low, it will automatically turn off and on again until the battery is full.


VandyVape Jackaroo II: This is the second version of the Jackaroo Vaporizer. It includes a pod system which allows users to place the batteries in the unit instead of the traditional button method. It also includes a larger battery life than the original Jackaroo. It has a unique leak proof power cord, which only leaks a small amount of juice out to avoid damaging your table.


AEGIS Hydrogen Peroxide Tank/Box Mod: A unique product from AEGIS, the AEGIS Hydrogen Peroxide tank and box system allows you to change tanks easily and keep refilling in an efficient manner. The tank has a safety guard which prevents the base of the mod from accidentally coming out, and it features two rubber seals around the outside. It is equipped with a unique auto shut off feature, which shuts off the unit after ten seconds. It also features a larger battery than the Jackaroo, lasting up to thirty minutes on a single charge.


RDTTA Mod: The AEGIS RDTTA (Ribbon Deck Technology Transferable Tarot Attachment) is a revolutionary electronic device that utilizes a high temperature microwave to directly heat and prepare a rich flavorful e-juice. The RDTTA utilizes the same body technology as the Jackaroo, but it does not have the leak-proof design and is more aesthetically pleasing. The RDTTA is a single color, black with silver plating, and has a one year warranty. This item comes pre-installed with an electric charger. The RDTTA is extremely compact, weighing roughly two and one-half pounds total.


Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo: The Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to try to vaporize without a unit. It is a desktop size with an easy to use rechargeable pod system. The vaporizer can be used with any vaporizer or atomizers. It allows for both ice cold and hot flavors, and it comes equipped with a leak-proof glass case and a heavy duty fire button. It has a beautiful three colors LED light and a stainless steel power and volume dial.


If you are looking for a portable and easy to use all in one unit that will facilitate your entire e-juice making process then look no further than the Vandy Vape Jackaroo. It is an excellent starter kit that will allow for maximum versatility in your vaping experience. With an accurate reading of its maximum wattage at 7.2 watts and an impressive three-year warranty it is no wonder this product is so highly regarded.