ijoy Vapors Review – An Honest Appraisal

ijoy vape

The newest member of the Ijoy group is the ijoy vaporizer. The name speaks for itself; this is the ultimate personal vaporizer for your computer. It comes with a three-pound iron screen, three high-powered ceramic heaters and a 3000mah battery. There are no cords or connections to deal with; just simply place your mod on the front and let it do all the work.

The ijoy vape comes with an exceptional and unique custom user mode. You have four settings: warm, cool, advanced, and perfect. Each setting controls your vapor output differently. There is also a unique custom user menu. The vaporizer can be used to mimic the airflow of a real or juice bottle (warm) or turn off the warming option (cool).

The vaporizer has a new unique and innovative design that is different from most vaporizers. The UPPEN PLUS mod has an open top that allows you to see the temperature control display. It includes a USB cord and a charging cable. The vapor chamber is placed on the bottom so you do not need to plug the cord in. This unique design makes it easy to use and to maintain.

The ijoy UPPEN Plus has a nice charging system that will allow you to charge your battery very easily. It also has a built in adapter that will allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously including a laptop and cellular phone. The built in charger has a charging port and includes a light that illuminates it. You get a charging cable with the UPPEN Plus along with two extra batteries.

The unique custom user mode gives you additional options like being able to set the Temperature, Power and Resistance levels. The UPPEN Plus is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to use their mod in different ways. There is a constant temperature control with the UPPEN Auto Mode. When you turn the heating element on it will start at the precise temperature you have chosen. You can also turn on the Variable Temperature Control to give yourself more power over how much you want to heat your water.

The unique Vapor Cloud technology helps you create flavorful e-liquid. The UPPEN Cloud technology allows you to change the clouds any time you want by simply changing the temperature control settings. The UPPEN Plus includes a high quality heating element that allows for great vapor production. You get a NiMh Battery that lasts longer than standard Aromatic Cigarettes and will increase the battery life.

The ijoy Vape Pen is very compact and small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. The ijoy UPPEN Plus Modular is a must have all in one electronic device. The internal battery is rechargeable using any of the two methods available. You will never run out of juice while you are using the UPPEN Plus, and it doubles as a measuring device.

It is important to know that there are many different products available for you to purchase. Most companies offer free gifts or money off purchases within a certain price range. The ijoy uppen plus is a great example of a product that will satisfy both the technology enthusiast and the newbie user. It is a vaporizer that will make your juices taste delicious without the mess and cleanup associated with other modding devices.

The unique custom user mode design of the ijoy UPPEN Plus allows you to experience the vapor production at its highest levels. You can adjust the temperature of the e-liquid and choose from three different wattage ranges. There is even a built in digital timer that will remind you when the batteries are low. The unique and easy to use chipset that is included on this mod will make sure that you are never left without power.

There are many other exciting features available on the toy UPPEN Plus Modular. The ijoy shogun comes complete with three extra batteries so that you can double your vapor production. There is also a unique custom voltage output that allows you to power all of your electronic devices with the same battery. This includes your laptop, cell phone, electric razor, and ipod without adapters.

The ijoy UPPEN Plus Vaporizer has a built in safety feature that will prevent your fingers from getting too hot while you are puffing away. The outer ring has an auto shut off microchip and has a fire button. The outer cover has a rubber seal that will keep your juices fresh and flavorful for up to one hour. The ijoy vaporizer is definitely worth looking into if you are looking for a new and innovative way to enjoy your favorite vapes.