Advantages of VOOPO Juice Plus RDC Pro Series

VOOPOO has evolved to be a leader in the VOIP market by providing competitive services at affordable prices. VOOPOO provides low cost, high quality, and easy availability of high-speed internet service. All the features of VOIP are provided at zero extra cost. VOOPOO also offers free VOIP calling plans that include unlimited long-distance calls, caller ID, call waiting, voice mail, caller ID block, no cost caller ID, no connection fee, and much more. And most importantly, with zero prices, there is no contract involved. VOOPOO also provides the most innovative technology for its customers by providing a huge list of add-ons and free gifts.



A VOOPOO VOIP system consists of three main components: the VOIP phone, the VOIP adapter, and the VOIP software. Adding liquid to the VOIP Pod is very easy; simply detach the top pod from the bottom outlet of the pod socket and fill through the silicone-sealed silicone fill port. Then attach the bottom of the VOIP Pod to the front of the telephone jack, with adhesive. You can now transfer your favorite MP3 songs and use them with the VOIP phone. You can even use it as a PDA if you attach a stereo headset.


The VOOPOO Pods are a perfect fit for VOIP-capable phones like the Verizon iPhone and Blackberry. VOOPOO accessories like the VOIP Phone Cover, the VOIP Card Stem, the VOIP Cable Clips, the VOIP Power Supply, the VOIP Cable Connectors, and the VOIP Fire Button are essential for ensuring optimal communication while on the go. The VOIP Fire Button connects to your laptop or personal computer via the USB port. You can double-tap the power button twice and instantly turn on the speaker volume for hands-free communication.

The VOOPOO Coil is a micro-USB device that is designed in the form of a flattened, elongated, cap-shape connector. It provides the easiest way to charge a VOIP-enabled mobile phone or tablet. The VOOPOO Coil can be used with any VOIP phone or any other VOIP-enabled device, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, computers, and any other VOIP-enabled devices. The VOOPOO Coil provides an efficient and effective charge rate and gives you the best possible airflow.

All the major brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and many more have come up with their own VOIP products. Each one claims to be the best. To find out which one is the best, you need to know the basic specs of each product along with its unique selling aspects. One of the unique selling aspects of VOOPOOM is that they allow you to charge your portable electronic devices without using any kind of external power supply. VOOPO’s unique airflow system lets you charge your portable electronic device in a super quiet and comfortable way and even lets you use it while you are traveling.

The VOOPO Airflow system is a complete unit that consists of a reusable airflow chamber, reusable accessory connectors, a high-quality silicone sleeve, and a set of nylon screw connectors. The design of VOOPO Airflow is such that it allows the user to insert the silicone sleeve into the airflow chamber and thereby plug in the accessory connector directly. This not only ensures that the user has a complete airflow system but also reduces the chances of any kind of leakages. The nylon screws and the entire accessory assembly came with the VOOPO 6.5ml spray bottle. The spray bottle helps the user to apply the clear and odorless formula easily and makes the application process much easier.

If you think that the cleaning of the pods is the sole responsibility of VOOPO then you are mistaken. You would be mistaken if you think that the VOOPO Pod system is all about cleaning and maintaining the pod. No doubt, cleaning, and maintaining the pod are very important but the VOOPO Pod is also an ideal travel system for the purpose of applying any kind of ointment or medication in times of emergency. The pod comes with a built in compressor and so it does not allow the user to carry out any kind of extensive maintenance work. The Pod can only hold a capacity of 0.5ml and it is capable of processing a low stream of data. Hence, the maintenance of the pod should always be done by someone who has the requisite experience and skills.

The major advantages of VOOPO Juice Plus RDC Pro-Series is that it uses a high quality 2200 mah external rechargeable Ni-Cd battery and that also doubles up as a charger for your VOOPO Pod. Moreover, the internal battery has a maximum capacity of 1500mah and that is enough to serve the user for a considerable period of time. The high quality of the battery ensures that there are no chances of overcharging or discharging even once the device gets into action. It has a charging station and an LED indicator light along with a charging cable. All these advantages make the VOOPO Juice Plus RDC Pro series a perfect travel system.